Popular flower for Mother’s day

Almost all flowers are poplar at Mother’s day! It’s about choosing what your mom likes! That’s why we carry huge amount and variety of flowers for this weekend, ensuring there is something to suit your mom, whatever her favorite or type of arrangement . 

Still here is some tip for choosing your gift; our most popular flowers are Lily, Roses, Gerberas, Tulips, Carnation, Orchids, chrysanthemums and Alstromeria. Pinky, pastel color and springy bouquet were popular last couple of years, but seems many people want to send more vibrant color bouquet this year, tiring about winter like spring.

Another best selling Mother’s day gift is beautiful and long lasting Potted Orchids. We currently carry more than 25 pots, but we sell them quickly. Springy planter baskets are popular, too. 

Please feel free to drop in and pick your favorite bouquet/arrangement at our store or phone us at (403) 220-0123 or 1-888-220-5123 to place an order.

We have more than enough flowers for this weekend, and our designers are working super hard to fill the orders and preparing extra flowers for store, but we highly recommend to come/book earlier for more variety of selection.


Wrist corsage for Graduation

New arrival of wrist corsage bracelet for up coming Graduation and wedding season. We are getting excited to creat beautiful wrist corsages using these pretty wrist band!

More colors will be available later this month.

Qantity is limited!! Book early!

Happy Easter

We have just received a lot of fresh flowers from BC and imported flowers!!

And, our designers are working very hard to make a lot of colorul springy bouquets and arrangements for Easter weekend.

Come and see us at the store, #109 4820 Northland Dr NW Calgary OR order on-line or simply call at (403) 220-0123 / Tall free 1-888-220-5123 to place an order.

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Happy Easter!!

Potted Hydrangea

Easter is just around the corner even we still have SNOW!!

We have just received beautiful potted Hydrangea, popular for Easter and Mother’s day gift. This year, white Hydrangea is also available along with Dark Blue and hot pink ones. These plants are from a local grower who always supplies the highest quality Hydrangea.

Dark blue Hydrangea, most popular color at our store.

Hot pink Hydrangea. 

White Hydrangea

– – – – – – – – – –

Care of the Potted Hydrangea plant


Water is the most important factor in caring for a potted Hydrangea. The soil should be kept moist and not be allowed to dry out. Insert your finger into the soil to check the level of moisture at least once a day. Do not let your plant sit in water for long periods of time because this can lead to root rot. 

If the potted hydrangea wilts badly, submerge the pot in water until it is thoroughly soaked, then drain the excess water out of the pot.



 Bright light (partially shade or indirect sunlight recommended) will help to keep the plant in good condition.


Hydrangea likes cooler temperatures especially during night.


New arrivals – Potted Orchids

New potted orchids are available now! Lots of varieties. Whites are absolutely gorgeous, other colors are springy and cute!!

White waterfall – – – Large blooms, tall, single stem with 9+ blooms or 2 stems

Peach – – – Available: Mediums size blooms, medium hight, 2 stems

Purple stripe – – – Available: Medium size blooms, medium hight, 2 stems

Pink leopard – – – Available: Medium-larger blooms, taller, single stem with 9+ blooms

Orange-Red – – – Available: smaller bloom, shorter stem, 2 stems 

Yellow – – – smaller bloom, shorter stem, 2 stems

Valentine’s day

We proud of our selection of flowers and our unique/original arrangements. We are willing to help you to choose beautiful & affordable flowers for Valentine’s day. Feel free to contact us at (403) 220-0123 or Toll free 1-888-220-5123.

Valentine’s day – Feb 14, Monday, 2011

*All of our designers are woking very hard to make beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Please allow us 1-3 days to prepare your order.


Rose Bouquet
Traditional Rose bouquet with filler flowers and greenery. Or modern rose bouquet with Tropical leaves which is simpler and contemporary looking.

Teddy bear, Balloons, Mini spa set, and chocolate lover basket are available. Make the day special!


Dozen rose bouquet: $78.00
2 Dozen rose bouquet: $150.00


Dozen rose with vase: $89.50
2 Dozen rose with vase: $175.00

– Roses & Garden flowers –

Be mine (VDD-20)
Couple of Red Roses and sweet scent of Stargazer lily along with long lasting carnations.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $67.50 // Vase arrangement:$80.00
(Finish size: 22 – 25″ tall)

Sweet heart(Deluxe: VDD-22)
Assortment of pink flowers. Teddy bear or Barefoot Venus bath products will be nice to be sent together.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $72.00 // Vase arrangement:$84.50
(Finish size: 22 – 25″ tall)

True Romance (Deluxe: VDD-26)
A perfect expression of love and passion.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $75.00 // Vase arrangement:$87.50
(Finish size: 22-25″ tall)

Garden flowers (Deluxe: VDD-29)

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $49.50 // Vase arrangement:$60.00
(Finish size: 22-25″ tall)

Pink bouquet (Deluxe: VDD-31)
Assortment of pink and white flowers with nice greenery. Soft tones.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $47.00 // Vase arrangement:$59.50
(Finish size: 22-25″ tall)

Pop color bouquet (Deluxe: GDD-40)
Very cute bouquet with brilliant hues of Orange and Pink flowers.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $47.50 // Vase arrangement:$60.00
(Finish size: 22 – 25″ tall)

Rose and Tulips (Deluxe: GDD-42)
Rose and Tulip bouquet. Nice and springy.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $49.50 // Vase arrangement:$60.00
(Finish size: 22 – 25″ tall)

Lily and rose (Standard: VDD-24 )
Great combination of Asiatic lily and rose.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet:$58.50 //Vase arrangement:$69.00
(Finish size: 20 – 23″ tall)

Red Romance (Standard: VDD-25 )
Red roses, carnations and tulips; this passionate bouquet will be a perfect gift to someone special.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet:$55.00 // Vase arrangement:$65.50
(Finish size: 20 – 23″ tall)

Something for you (Standard: Rose-05 )
Simple rose arrangement. Red, pink, white and yellow roses are available.

Picture shown:
Vase arrangement:$34.50 (Finish size: 22 – 25″ tall)

Gerbera Daisy (Deluxe: VDD-15)
Are you looking for a bright and cheerful bouquet? How about assortment of colorful Gerbera / Mini Gerbera? Make her smile!

Picture shown:
As a bouquet: $49.50 // Vase arrangement:$62.00
(Finish size: 15-20″ tall)

Garden flower (Deluxe: VDD-10)
* Gerbera’s color may vary.

Picture shown:
Foam arrangement:$60.00 (Finish size: 15-20″ tall)

Rose arrangement (Standard: Rose-08)
3 roses in a bud vase with a little bear. Color roses, Pinks, Whites, and yellow, are also available.

Picture shown:
Vase arrangement: $34.50 (Finish size: 18 – 20″ tall)

Rose arrangement (Standard: VDD-21)
Small arrangement with Roses.

Picture shown:
Foam arrangement: $47.50 (Finish size: 6-7″ wide 8-10″ high)

Jewel box (Premium: VDD-19)
Low arrangement with full of roses and other flowers.

Picture shown:
Foam arrangement: $93.50 (Finish size: 10″-12″ wide)


– Tropical and Exotic flowers –

Rose + Exotic (Premium: VDP-12)
Dozen of red roses along with Exotic flowers. Fuller and different from regular a dozen rose bouquet.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $105.00 //Vase arrangement:$119.50
(Finish size: 25 – 30″ tall)

Rose + Exotic flowers (Deluxe: VDD-30)
Dramatic and bold arrangement.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $56.50 // Vase arrangement:$69.00
(Finish size: 18 – 23″ tall)

Tropical arrangement (Premium: TRP-02)
Pinky flowers with Tropical flowers. Red Roses in the arrangement resemble forever love.

Picture shown:
Vase arrangement:$177.00 (Finish size: 33 – 38″ tall)

Rose + Tropicals (Premium: VDP-08)
Gourgeous rose arrangement with assorted Tropical/Exotic flowers.

Tropical flowers may vary but it may contain Calla lily, Anthuriums, Safari sunset, and/or orchids.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $154.00 //Vase arrangement:$178.00
(Finish size: 28 – 32″ tall)

Tropical arrangement (Premium: TRP-23)
Beautifully arranged with assortment of Tropical Flowers.

Picture shown:
Vase arrangement:$210.00 (Finish size: 33 – 38″ tall)

Exotic arrangement (Premium: VDD-23)
Assortment of pink flowers with hint of Exotic/Tropical flower and green.

Picture shown:
As a bouquet $80.00 // Vase arrangement:$92.50
(Finish size: 20 – 25″ tall)

Exotic arrangement (Premium: EXP-09)
For someone who is looking for an artistic arrangement. Round shape type.

Picture shown:
Vase arrangement:$95.00 (Finish size: 25 – 30″ tall)


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– Other Gift –

Cute Valentine’s day theme plushes.

Pink Gorilla $21.50, Bear with rose $16.50, Pink Lion $14.50

Plushes – Teddy Bears –

Send a cuddly teddy along with our premium quality flowers. They are ready to distribute plenty of bear hugs!

Available in 11″ ($16.50), 18″ ($27.50) and minis ($9.99). Color may vary.


Available in 18″ ($6.00) and/or mini size ($3 – 4.50). Design may vary.



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We are Located at
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Bridal bouquet – WHITE

One of the popular color for wedding is definitely WHITE. White is the color of purity and innocence. A classic white bouquet works well in all seasons and creates graceful and refined impression.

It may seem like just a single color “WHITE”, but there are many shades, from pure white to all the hues in the ivory and cream family. Your choice in white will depend on the shade of your dress and if you want it to match or contrast with your dress or bridal accessories.

Flower choice for a white wedding bouquet is
Calla lily, Roses, Lisianthus, Hydrangea, Freesia, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oriental lily, Asiatic lily, Stock, Peony (only available June to July), Dahlia (available during summer), Garbera, Spider mum, Spray mum, and Alstromeria.

Many of them are available throughout the year, only couple of varieties are available in some certain period. Also, some of them are available in many shade of white, but some of them are in just one shade.

*All of our bridal bouquets have their own vases to avoid dehydrating and also to reduce damage during transportation.

If you’re having a white wedding, feast your eyes on our white bridal bouquet pictures!

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